Friday, April 7, 2017

Life Keeps Moving

Short, sweet, and off to the commons for chips, tacos, salsa, and mojito's. DD2 was inducted into the National Spanish Honor Society last night. They have the ceremony done right. A little introduction as to the history and purpose of the society. The student leaders presented an overview of their team service projects. The new inductees received their certificates and lanyards, and 2nd and third year members had their names read. Whole ceremony in under 30 minutes, despite their being 59 new kids, and at least another 80 repeats. The evening was shared with the National French Honor Society, who had their ceremony down the hall in a multi purpose room, with 1/3 the numbers, but the reception was for both. This meant little quiches and crostini with brie, pear,and balsamic vinegar was also served. and those mojito's, non-alcoholic of course. Here's DD2 in a dignified pose with a couple friends.

Our show choir friends, mom and daughter, were in attendance, just the day after the spouse and fathers funeral. I can't imagine what they are experiencing, intense grief, but not wanting a young person to miss out on celebrations and passages of her childhood. I find they are in my thoughts constantly.  

Life is an incredible, sometimes sad, and sometimes miraculous adventure. We heard via Facebook and text messages that an extended family cousin of mine, I think 3rd, (our moms were cousins and best friends) who has been going to chemo and radiation therapy has been declared breast cancer free. How wonderful for her family to hear. Just two days ago, we received news that my nieces husband was diagnosed with a rare form of another type of cancer. With two young children, 6 and 10, support and help will be needed. Then there is this wonderful community we live in. Already last night, someone had started a Meals Calendar and the entire month April was already completely filled in with volunteers. My siblings and I will work with my brother and sister in law, my niece's parents, on where we all can best help-baby sitting, taxi services, yard work, whatever might be needed.

I feel lately I've been sharing so many sad things; but there is no getting around that in life. By sharing these things with you all, I hope to keep myself focused on recognizing the positives wherever they are in my life. My intent is that I'm finding hope and joy when things aren't so great. Last Friday we enjoyed a concert by a local college. DD2's group performed a couple songs. The video is not great quality off my phone in this small clip, and you'll need a plugin on your computer to listen/view,  but hopefully you can hear the joy in the music. I keep listening for those sounds of joy. On that note, have a lovely Friday.


  1. I can relate to what you are going through. My daughter's friend's father just passed away, right before she got the fantastic news of her being accepted into an ivy-leave university. Needless to say, it was hard to celebrate very much without the feeling of deep grief. His death was shockingly fast for what it was (just a couple weeks after he was diagnosed), throat cancer. She is only 17 years old and has a 14 year old sister.

    Having gone through a couple life-threatening scares myself recently, this resonates with me profoundly. I try to enjoy every moment I have with my loved ones - especially since my daughter is heading off to college this fall. I am going to miss her to the core of my being!

    1. I'm happy for you that you were able to move on from your health crisis. I feel so sad for the families experiencing this grief. I will cherish my next two years with my youngest.


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