Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lovely Music

Last night  DD2 participated in a Choir Solo Fest. I'm not really sure what they actually call it, but the school brings in three professional music judges, or more "critiquers" because it really isn't a competition. The kids perform a piece, then get feedback and a score. Last week, DD2 was told by her choir teacher that she has a scholarship worthy voice but would need to apply herself more. She loves music and performing, but doesn't plan to make a career out of it.  And while she would like to stay active in singing after high school, won't pick a college based on  their music program, though if she had equal choices, would go with the one with music. 

In the room was the judge, her teacher on piano, and DD2, shifting her feet, looking nervous, but didn't sound a bit nervous once the song started. The judge was a robust women, with a powerful, but beautiful voice, that gave her some good feedback on how she can "lift" her voice more dramatically, and hold notes a bit longer for more effect. She asked DD2 if she had a back ground in German or just learned it for the song (just for the song), and seemed to appreciate her effort. Watching and listening were DH and me, her grandma, her bestie and besties sister (who did a duet together earlier), her besties parents, and a boy friend who lives in the neighborhood, so lots of support. My mother in law felt bad for another girl who went in after DD2 that appeared to have no one with her. Last year though when DD was a freshman, we didn't know this was something parents could attend until the last minute when DD2 called us to say other parents apparently do come and watch. Our daughter stayed to listen to a few more friends, but didn't wait for her rating or score, so we shall see. 

I did a video, but she is not ready to have herself on the international Youtube scene as a solo artist. She sang, Wie melodien zieht es mir, and the clip below is of a professional singing the same piece. If anyone really wants to see DD's clip, e-mail me at and I'll send a private link. 



  1. Expect the email from me. I can't wait to hear it.

    1. Thanks Anne. My infoink didn't seem to go through so updated to have just my gmail address. I have yours from card exchange.

  2. Moments like that make your heart swell don't they!

  3. Replies
    1. I emailed link. Maybe she and Meri will do a duet someday.


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