Saturday, April 29, 2017

Thinning Meal Plan

I'm challenging myself to create a meal plan for the week. I've been remiss, but every frugal blogger knows being organized and knowing what you have and how you will use it up is key to reining in the grocery budget. With my weight loss focus, I'm clipping the amount of "white" foods from my diet, which means relying heavily on hotdishes, pasta, and potatoes for myself will challenge me to shop and cook a bit differently. DH and DD2 do not need to lose weight and they love their white stuff. DH could probably improve his diet though, and I need easy to reheat meals for DD2 as the following week will be  a busy one before the play next weekend. Here's the general plan and I've loaded my freezer with bags of vegetables and salad in the fridge to fill me up and ration my consumption of rice, potatoes, and pasta..

Pasta Fagiole Soup, French Bread (not for me though-well maybe just a crust)

Spinach and cheese egg bake
Pork chops, mashed potatoes, broccoli (no potatoes for me)

Fish, brown rice pilaf, steamed Vegetables 

Pulled Chicken with BBQ, rolls, baked sweet potatoes

Spaghetti and meat sauce (me-reduced pasta, more steamed vegetables)

Home made buffalo chicken strips, steamed vegetables, oven fries

Vegetarian Curry, white Rice (extra steamed carrots for me)
Leftovers for DH

Lunches: Leftovers and lots of fruit, raw vegetables, hummus, hard boiled eggs.

I'll be working on housework today still as I didn't get nearly as much done yesterday as I had wanted. We're meeting friends later, but  will grab a bowl of soup at home and avoid expensive and calorie laden bar foods. Yesterday I got caught up with laundry. This was massively needed after being gone two weekends ago, and not working from home last Friday, when I usually can get loads of laundry done while working and  avoiding commuting time. I felt better waking up this morning knowing that is done, plus some other chores.I'm hoping DH will help me with the office stuff tomorrow. How's your menu looking thus week?


  1. I love working from home on Fridays. It feels like such a treat to avoid the commute, plus throwing in laundry is a huge bonus as well.

    I tend to eat as healthy as possible at breakfast and lunch, and then eat a smaller portion of whatever dinner I'm cooking. At work, I have access to lots of healthy things, so it makes it easier for me to just go with a smaller portion of dinner. Haven't yet made the menu yet. It's on the list for today!

  2. I've cut way back on potatoes too and oh do I miss them!

  3. It's hard to meal plan around thinking thin, isn't it? Chicken Salsa soup for supper tonight (with leftover pasta from Thursday night). I only meal plan a day or two in advance - since we work from home we need something to look forward to lol.


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