Saturday, July 8, 2017

June Financial Recap-Hmmm Ediion

We are over a week into July and 2017 is half over. I'm plodding away on my weight loss goals and my savings goals. June was a sad little month on both accounts, but not to fear, July is a great month to invigorate both long term goals. We'll have opportunities to infuse more savings in July through the receipt of medical cost reimbursements and it's time to put in for our VISA cash back. We also don't have huge expenses other than a few meals out and gas when we head north as the costs for the wedding have been paid for already, though I'll buy a new dress. Another positive to report is that DH's earnings have not dropped off like last year. Due to a bigger tax bite and putting 30% aside in deferred comp, the take home hasn't been reflected much in the stable earnings. Still, this means we'll not have to play nearly as much catch-up in the "DH 401K" line, since through his payroll deduction, he'll be much closer to the $24 K max, meaning we shouldn't need to invest more towards the end of the year to make up the $6,000 gap we projected. 

Other wins in the savings area included adding $20 in the perks to cash category. DH desperately needed shoes last month and I applied  $10 Kohl's reward. I had found very discounted high quality sheets, and between the two, earned $10 Kohl's cash, plus a $10 off $30 purchase. These combined to buy three of the same item for each of my kids for Christmas, already on "sale" (no one pays full price for anything at Kohl's), but I ended up getting them for just a few dollars each. DD1 reads my blog so I'm being vague. These little bargain, quality gifts I find  mean I'll be able to give generously and practically, and still be saving towards our family trip.I know I was ridiculously aggressive in setting financial goals. Hey dream big or don't bother right? 

June Wrap Up

Annual Savings Goal          $40,417
January Deposits                $ 2,200
February Deposits               $1,283
March Deposit                     $4,901
April Withdrawal (Roth)       $-4,616
April Deposit                        $ 2,700
May Deposit                         $1,500
June Deposit                        $1,000 
Perks to Cash                     $     15
Savings Goal Balance        $31,307

Financial Goals Achieved
Fully Fund Roth                  $13,000

Revised Savings Goal
Balance  July 1, 2017 (+ paying back borrowed previous savings)

December Fun Money        $     480
January set aside               $       70
February Set Aside             $         0
March Set Aside                 $         0
April Set Aside                    $         5
May set Aside                     $         0
June set aside                     $     -20 (I need to repay this. DD2 needed cash one day and I had nothing in my purse.)

Savings Goal Balance         $     425

2017 Goals-Recapped
 DH full 401K and Roth        $19,000
*Home Repair/Enhance       $ 5,800
*Travel                                  $ 7,500
College Savings                   $ 8,117
*Part of adding to  existing and revolving funds. 


  1. Wishing you a wonderfully frugal July. We were planning a trip to Portland this month, but Son1 asked if we would fund their ticket price here instead of coming out there. (He wants Pip to learn to swim unaided and we have both the pool and hot weather ) We would have to purchase tickets for us anyway and when we looked at what we would be saving in hotel prices alone it was worth it, so we get to visit with them for less than we would have spent.

    1. Have a wonderful time with her. I'm sure they will be very excited to see you.

  2. You are right, goals were made to be reached for. Plus you still have almost six full months left and it does look like you are doing pretty good. As for weight is a never ending battle. You might want to wait until closer to the wedding to buy the dress though, otherwise make sure it is returnable as I see you likely losing more now that your work trip and the 4th is over, big stumbling blocks in the process

    1. 've been planning to shop night before we leave. I have few styles picked out to try in at Nordstroms.I hope your theories pan out. I'm heading for an early walk. Money just seems to fly out of our hands lately.


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