Thursday, August 10, 2017

I Was Mezze-ing Before I Even Knew It

I am not doing as much hosting as I want to. My bathrooms are wonky, I'm a horrible housekeeper, I get tired by the end of a work day, ya da ya da. But I do like to and judging from our most recent evening out with friends at a local pub, my bank account would appreciate me doing more of it as well. I like to take a spin around Pinterest and foodie blogs every now and then looking for light and tasty summer foods, game day party ideas, and easy foods to serve. I kept coming across the term mezze platter over and over so finally clicked on the links and pictures. What I saw was a platter of finger foods, veggies, and fruit, and small breads, beautifully and colorfully arranged on big platters with little bowls of dips and hummus. Interestingly enough, this is how I often put together food at Christmas, or at the lake, for the wedding and bridal showers I have hosted, or even just to take out on the deck for our own cocktail hours. While my platters do not have the middle eastern vibe from which the term mezze comes from, items like pita chips, hummus, olives, and olive oil might be served.. 

I have some terrific dishes for this purpose as well. This one, bought originally about eight years ago for serving garlic bread, bruschetta, and other appetizer or dinner accompaniments. Our local Green Mill used dishes like this, and the rectangular shape fits in better on tables that are full of other dishes. I don't remember what I paid for it, but it came from Kohl's so I'm thinking I layered sales, coupons, and Kohl's cash and paid practically nothing for it. 

This one, was probably the best buy ever made for getting ready for a graduation party. I found it at the Dollar Tree, for well, $1.00 ten years ago to serve fruit for DS's graduation. I use it all the time when hosting, take it with when bringing fruit or veggies to a potluck, and have borrowed it to many people. This summer I've been using it to bring snacks outside for our thrifty evening at home. 

This platter, or probably a cheese board, is a recent addition from last Christmas,from my mother-in-law. I think it is a re-gift, but I'm not one to care. It works great to put a few different types of cheese on it, along with a small basket of crackers or crostini bread.

I also have these little tapas plates, with wine glass holders. I know I'm mixing a Spanish term for little plates with the middle eastern term, but most of the US English food vocabulary seems to have become a world language fusion, and I like it. I don't really trust the wine glass holder part, but I suppose if people were standing and needed a free hand, these might come in handy. These were a gift from our Godson for Christmas one year, made by an old family friend who was making and selling them. The colors are perfect.

Serving a mezze platter is a practical way to host as well.  Building a platter with what is seasonal, on special in the stores, and has a variety to meet any one's palate, can also be economical. I feel very "with it" now that I know my hosting style is in vogue right now with the hipster foodies


  1. I am about to do an platter inventory, get rid of what I never use and add anything I really need. A few years ago I got rid of a bunch of my big baskets_big mistake! Now I need to go thrifting to replace what I already had.

    1. Keep the square and rectangular ones. My big white platter worked perfect on my coffee table.I love my baskets as well. I have a few family members that are a little snarky about my baskets, and i can tell that I keep them above my cupboards must be a home decor NOT, but they suit me, and storing them on display suits me. Baskets are one of the most functional household items-quick for serving snacks and bread, to hold a hot dish for passing, and a pretty way to quickly collect clutter.

  2. Every year I go to the wine and food festival and end up with a couple more tapas plates - I LOVE THEM!! If I had to hold a plate in one hand and a glass of wine in the other how would I eat...or more importantly...drink??


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