Thursday, May 6, 2021

Thrifty Thursday Twofor

     Lucky you-two weeks worth of Thrifty Thursday since I didn't get one posted last week. My definition of thrift applies to how I use my time resources, and money-as well as savings in all three areas, to  make my and my families life a bit better. I try to avoid "cheap" where the benefit  is short lived and may be at the expense of others. That get's tough in this day and age with fast fashion, fast food, cutting corners to get too many things done in too short a time, but I am doing my best. Where I save in one area, I might splurge in another and am like everyone, just trying to achieve balance. Balance in our check book, balance in my work life to home life, and balance in the foot print I leave behind me.  Nothing is exciting, but it is real.   Here's a few highlights  of where I feel I used my time, resources, or money well. 


  • We are fully vaccinated at of April 24th! That was definitely the best use of my time in  the last two weeks. DD1 was as of last Saturday. My son got the J&J yesterday, and DD2 gets Moderna dose two on Saturday. 
  • The Wedding Shower dinner for our nephew was a pretty nice evening. We kept ourselves distanced and masked when not eating, but it was still a happy gathering. 
  • Friday night I got an out of the blue call from an old childhood friend. We had lost touch other than Christmas cards, but she came a couple years ago to DD2's grad party and we reconnected, but then Covid staying at home happened. Her son  recently moved to  my town, so that was fun to hear. She is about to meet her husband in Arizona, but when she is back, we'll have them all over. 
  • Cleaning up the park as a sibling group was really fin and the weather was perfect for it. We ended up with two half filled really  humongous garbage bags, but were pleasantly  surprised it wasn't more. The worst area was near the boat lift  and fishing dock-which really is annoying that the boaters and fisher persons can't take their garbage with them. One would think people enjoying all that our world has to offer would want to take better care of it.  We used smaller bags to be more portable then put the in the large. My brother, fresh from Florida to join in, said his bag was over half cigarette butts. 
  • When DH and the girls got back Sunday, I got to hang out with my daughters-DH went to rest right away after the long drive. It's always nice to have them together.
  • I took Monday off, well after a couple meetings, then helped her get laundry washed, and bedding and towels washed and put away for fall. 
  • DD1 joined us for supper on Monday-an excellent curry. 
  • To go with Teacher Appreciation week, it is employee appreciation week at my work. We've had some fun interactive things that I've tried to participate in a bit such as college alumni day, hat day, and vacation day. 
  • I took the time to clean out a desk drawer and while I wanted to just toss what wasn't being kept, I made sure to separate anything that was recyclable.  
  •  Neither of us had any interest in cooking on Friday, so reheated leftover Papa Murphy's pizza I had  put in the freezer from the week before. 
  • I may have shared the vest and pants already, but DD2 loved the  second hand items I picked up for her in April. 
  • I'm very excited to see the return of the hostas that were form my SIL's split plants last spring. The ones I didn't get planted came back as well, so I'll put them in on Sunday.


  • I participated in a  research study and then a next day focus group. I haven't received the gift card yet but am expecting $150 for my time. 
  • I did a May political survey earning a $3 credit for Amazon. This is one of those balance things.. I'm trying to shop local more often and avoid Amazon, but as it was the only choice that would have been used, and there are times when  the item cant be found in the time needed, I'll do Amazon rather than multiple stores particularly now.  
  • Rather than stuff to sit around that no one needs more of, I got my BIL  an on sale bottle of his favorite liquor and caffeine free Diet Coke, on sale, to mix it with. For a late B-Day gift for a sister, I came across a great clearance price on candles (she loves them) and  fun, pretty napkins, also on clearance. I'm almost embarrassed (but happy for the thrifty win) that the full cost of her gift was $1.42, but would have been nearly $14 retail. 
  • Yes, we are trying to eat healthier, but having frozen pizza in the hosue helps curb the temptation for take out. Last week I got 3 Jack's for $5, 19-20 ounce pizzas. This week was 3 for $10 of the Crave, thick 28 ounce pizzas. Yes, I stocked up what my freezer would hold at that price. I might pick up more of the Crave and see if m MIL will keep and we can bring to the lake the next time we go.
     Being that it was a two week period, I thought there would be more. Probably was, but I'd have to remember them. My trivia group was bantering on Facebook messenger and are going to start-up again next week. I am so excited. I know many people are not ready, even with vaccinations, to reengage in public, but I'm trusting the vaccine is getting us closer to  our former lives. Being together with family this weekend, still outside and spaced out was so wonderful I can hardly explain. How did you make the most of your week? Any great deals or money earnings?


  1. Well done to you and your family for cleaning up that park. But you're right, isn't it a shame that people who are out enjoying what nature has to offer can't be bothered to take their crap home with them!

    1. Granted, some could have been blowing and it ended up there. It was a nice bonding kind of morning, and then being able to hang out in the afternoon outside with everyone even more so. .

  2. It sounds like you've used your time, money, and resources well Sam. Glad you are back in touch with a childhood friend and great job on the park clean up!

    1. She and I have had intermittent reboots of friendships over the years, as life evolves. She is a sweet person and happy that we have remained friends.

  3. That was a great price for the pizzas. Tommy and I just hate to see litter, seemingly whole bags of trash scattered on roadsides.

    1. I did not end up getting more as I was so swamped , but it was a good price.

  4. Nice work on the survey & inexpensive pizzas! My husband stocked up on frozen pizza while I was gone, but there is now too much in the freezer, and it doesn't shut fully. We're trying to eat freezer stuff as quickly as possible. ;-)

    Agree with Treaders, thanks for cleaning up the park. I'm always really frustrated with people who want to enjoy nature, but leave trash everywhere. I grew up in the country & there was a very clear motto of "leave nothing behind."

    1. That was my worry too about the freezer and I had to cook one right away! We had a lot of hands for park cleanup and it made little work as a team.

  5. Great news about your vaccinations, Sam! Both me and L are booked for our first jabs, and hopefully it won't be too long for our second.

    I also pick up frozen pizzas for quick dinners (I like Dr. Oetker's). I always put a side salad out with them, made with local greens. That darned husband is so fussy about dressings, though! I've gone through 4 of them trying to find one he likes.

    Balance is key in everything, don't you find? I thrift so many inexpensive things, that it balances out the few big purchases. Good for you for getting paid for doing surveys/focus groups. I think those are fun.

    have a great weekend!!

    1. My husband loves ranch so easy to please. I try and do the salad as well-keeps me form eating more than a couple slices. We'll also throw spinach and additional tomatoes on the pizza-love spinach on it.


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