Saturday, May 21, 2022

My Week in W's is Back

     I want to keep Friday Free for All, but I be missed my W wrap up posts. They kind of act like a Schmatterings off life. As my last post of the week, tucking them here on Saturdays makes sense. Here we go...

What’s top of my mind:

     The infant formula shortage is a real concern that crosses all socioeconomic, cultural, and racial American families. Seeing anyone from either party play games and ridiculous politics on this makes me ill. It touches my family and family friends, my neighbors, and people I'll never meet, but I care about those babies every bit as much. Then the know it all mom shamers berating those that didn't choose breast feeding adds more stress and insult.

Where I’ve been:

     What a social schedule! Not. DH and I went out for dinner and I went with my daughter to see another house. Sadly, she had a text on route that of course couldn't be read until we got there. The house sold and showing cancelled 15 minutes before she was scheduled. She was very disappointed as this could have been a perfect fit. It's early again in her search so I don't want her to feel down.

     Pup and I have been on some gorgeous walks. He's not bothered a bit by his hideous hairdoo. I picked up the world travelor last night from the airport. She had 12 hours of travel from leaving the hotel until I got her home, but reported the trip was wonderful.

Where I’m going:

     Tomorrow is grad party one of I think will be five, this for our nephew. Technically, two graduates are one joint party for my BILs granddaughters, cousins graduating together from our local highschool. My sister has always been one of their grandparents as they were married well before their children married and had kids- nice for their blended family to get more people celebrating. Sunday is our family park cleanup.

What I’m watching:

     I've recently started watching episodes of Law and Order UK. The legal process is similar but in so many ways, so very different. Several episodes showed children being tried in court, but then in other episodes, the needs of the young offender seemed to top the heinousness of the crime. It's television so of course I don't know how much liberty is taken, but I find it fascinating.

What I’m reading:

     I found my daughter's copy of The Secrets of the Divine Yaya Sisterhood and read a bit to get started. I still need to get cracking on the Theater for Dreamers before it's due back.

What I’m listening to:

     I had a lot of head down work to do so had BBC World live streaming during parts of my work week. Riding with my daughter a couple times, she had a very random mix of music that was put together by my younger daughter including songs from the Les Mis and Hamilton soundtrack's, to Motown, to Taylor Swift.

What I’m eating:

     Using up things left and right. Too much pasta this week but it's been easy meals I could either make quick or throw in the crockpot. I'll shop and maybe plan Sunday.

Who needs a good slap:

     I keep getting pulled into a project overseeing grant expenditures unrelated to the program I manage. It doesn't fall into anyone's job really- just something that has to be done. I'm known for being very fiscally strong and that I foresee issues ahead. On this grant, I'm so tired of the games the grantees are playing trying to slip things that are clearly not allowable into their request. I denied 40 hours of activities that weren't eligible. Then, it got submitted for the same number hours, but the 40 hours suddenly showed up on a different line! I may be stretched but I'm not stupid. Two slaps!

What I’m planning:

     We have to figure out timing to get my daughter's Visa. I think we'll probably drive as air has been atrocious, just like gas but we only need one car not two airline tickets. I'm not sure about staying right in the city, paying huge rates and parking, or outside and driving in. Her appointment is 11:20 on a Friday. We'll come Thursday, but likely leave early afternoon and get home. It's a lot of driving in short period of time but straight through driving on the interstate.

What’s making me smile:

     Ishared already pup and I have been on beautiful walks. Now we're seeing the green and flowers. This makes me smile. No duckling sightings yet, but I've not seen the mamas on the pond so perhaps they're staying close to home and the babes will come soon.

My photo did not do justice to this tree.

Lilacs near the pond are up higher.
There's no low growth this year

      I hope your weekend has started off right. If you'd like to share your W's if the week, play along in the comments.

The hostas are really coming now.


  1. I picked our first lettuce, and our first real garden produce, and it was lovely in a salad. Lots of signs of summer around here, and gorgeous weather.

    1. Eating your own grown salad will be nice meal additions. I drove by Farmers market spot. Nothing set up yet.

  2. Harping on what women should have done is bad enough, but the idiots who think women right now can just choose to breast feed is ludicrous. There is a myriad of reasons why just throwing a baby to the breast after not breastfeeding will work at a later date. I think there ought to be a few slaps for these folk who think breastfeeding is so easy, maybe three.

    1. I tried to not put everything on my mind in my post on the topic, but you've said my thoughts!

  3. "Then the know it all mom shamers berating those that didn't choose breast feeding adds more stress and insult." THOSE are the ones I would like to slap. CHOICE IS PARAMOUNT. Also, I am quite aware of WHY this shortage exists, and WHO is to blame. Wondering how, just how the right intends to feed the "domestic supply of infants" they aim to increase by doing away with choice? Rant over...welll, no, not really, but I shall spare you.
    I really haven't been anywhere--never do go anywhere much, other than our new build. It was a joy to see my superintendent yesterday. Why? Well, our district had testing this past week, and on Friday, his grandkids, who had completed the assessments asked to stay home from school, as they'd be spending the time in the gym watching a movie. His daughter agreed, but said they had to go to work with her. When I pulled up, superintendent was walking around the concrete patio forms with a tape measure. When I asked what he was doing, he showed me how his grandkids had wheeled in the gravel, then tied the rebar. (He was double checking the ties.) He was so proud of them. It warmed my heart.

    1. I could rant for hours I'm so upset, but it doesn't help the ridiculousness of the potential court decision and the horrific aftermath. Dark ages. On the lighter side, your story if your builder was very sweet

  4. I read a few nasty (and often vulgar) comments about the baby formula shortage too. Hell, not every woman can or wants to breastfeed. Some have had mastectomies and other babies are adopted. Who are these lunatics? And shame on those making this happen!

    1. People who really should shut up need to have duct tape on their mouths and fingers tied together so they can't type! How do these people even think they deserve a thought let alone a voice on someone's decision that impacts them not at all?

  5. Weekly W's are fun. I followed suit after two other bloggers started because it is such a good way to look at the week.
    Sounds like a good week for you! Enjoy your weekend.

    1. You might remember I was that blogger! I had done them starting late 2020 through 2021.

    2. I don't think I had found your blog yet but maybe. It is two different bloggers that I borrowed it from.

    3. I'm sure I probably got the idea somewhere else too, but hadn't seen the prompts I used. I had noticed a few people added to their rotation.

  6. It's always so interesting to read about traditions in other places. Graduation parties/open houses are definitely not a thing anywhere I have lived in Ontario. Often high school commencement is in the fall, so many people don't even bother to come home for it.

    1. This one was packed and the chilly day had people inside a lot so it was massive people inside. I bet they had over 200 people, though that included every highschool kid. Having it this early, there weren't other parties to contend with so people stayed much longer than usually happens. In Minnesota, the party is a tradition. Some choose not to, but do a trio or something for just family and close friends though.

  7. Your outdoor photos are lovely, how good to see your part of the world not covered in snow - your Winter seemed to last a long time this year.
    A week on Crete aside, I've squeezed in a premiere at our town's art gallery, a trip to the circus with friends, a mile of swimming, two visits to the charity shops, tea and rock buns in another friend's garden, a pub lunch and booked another holiday. I'm knackered! xxx


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