Sunday, September 25, 2022

Same Old Menu Planning


     It was an odd week of meals, but I tried to make the most of what we had on hand and the haul from Trader Joe's and Sam's Club. I had no plan last week, but hope to think better this week. DH and I will stop after church for items we need, if any.

  • Sunday: I grabbed a BLT wrap at the resort. I had packed snacks but I was pretty hungry and wanted a meal. DH had some of the chicken noodle soup and leftover pizza.
  • Monday: DH had a sandwich made with homemade bread my daughter brought him. I had a delicious buffet of chicken, beef, and all the trimmings. 
  • Tuesday: Hamburgers, with tots for DH
  • Wednesday: Roasted vegetables over rice, chicken sandwiches
  • Thursday: Grilled cheese and Trader Joe tomato soup
  • Friday: Pasta primavera using Wednesday's vegetables 
  • Saturday: Dinner out with friends...and several beers

     We've got a beautiful day today, then a few days of rain, ending with seasonal norms. I've got odds and ends to use up, but am thinking soup by the weekend. 

  • Sunday: Sweet potato wedges, chicken tenders
  • Monday: Cheddar brats, homemade air fryer fries
  • Tuesday: Taco night 
  • Wednesday: Baked potato's with toppings
  • Thursday: Chicken rice broccoli cheese hotdish 
  • Friday:  Chili or soup, homemade bread
  • Saturday: leftovers
    I decided we will do candy for trick or treating even with the dogs. DD will be over for dinner, so she or I can stay with dogs when kids come. We don't get many anymore, particularly since it's a weeknight. Last year the end houses had no lights on, so I think we got skipped a lot. That could be different because one is all out. We'll likely end when DH gets home. Candy has been added to my list for after church. Nothing exciting but will yield leftovers for lunches and a leftover night. Are you planning same old, or trying something new this week?

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