Monday, October 6, 2014

Vintage Gifts

Soccer season ended last night with my daughters 11-2  loss. Ouch!  What the team may lack in scoring and defense ability, they make up for in ambition and several were on the basketball court tonight to kick off team tryouts for a new season.  After filling out some forms, I had another 50 minutes before she would be done.  I'm not a big shopper, more of a restocker, but then sometimes get in trouble with quick impulse buys, when I don't have a clock to watch. I decided 50 minutes browsing could lead to a lot of budget and clutter damage in a Target store, so instead I headed down the road  from the middle school to the Salvation Army thrift store just to see if there were any interesting things.  At Diary of a Penny Pincher, charity stores Claire shares all sorts of clever finds, with a budget of a mere 5 pounds.  Fresh in my mind, I went in with an open mind.

My older daughter is looking to relocate to California in November once she is done with her current film job, and has a birthday on Halloween. Being the practical girl she was raised to be, she suggested a nice covered frying pan, like the one I have, which she figures will cover half her cooking needs. I'm waiting for both a Kohls sale, VIP discount, and Kohl's cash deals to get that. Even though she is an adult, and the pan will still be pricey even with discounts, I want a little impractical or fun as well to be part of her gift. At the SA store, I looked at books, crystal items, Christmas and Halloween things, and then found bins of old vinyl albums.  A couple years back she bought a turntable and has slowly been building a collection.  I  spied a couple Hollywood sound track type albums from the 60's.  They were interesting covers, and even if she chooses not to play the LP, they could be kind of clever framed.  They also were tan ticketed on a 50% off tan ticket day, making both albums for $ .99.  I didn't want to get my camera out again but found both covers on line. The price was great, but I think she will appreciate that I found something truly for her-not some mass marketed trendy thing of today.  If I could find a vintage dress for her mirroring the styles on either cover, I know that would push the gift into a new territory of gift giving.

What do you think of my find?  My younger daughter proclaimed them "cool."  We'll see-I'll let you know on Halloween if they were a trick, or a real treat.

e-bay list  price between $9.95 an $15.00

e-bay list price between $4.80 and $15.00


  1. Hi Sam, thanks so much for the mention! I'm sure your daughter will love her vintage vinyl, they look great!

    1. Well your blog is so on point and fun, that I had to give a shout out! After I de-clutter, I think I'll add more shopping in my future at this store and other similar, but with a purpose and intentional focus to what I am looking for. The LP covers I bought weren't quite this pristine, but still pretty well maintained.


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