Thursday, November 27, 2014

New Advent Tradition

Froogs over at the Frugal Queen shared an idea to welcome the Christmas season with a challenge to give rather than receive, and using the Advent Calendar to mark the challenge.  Street Bank advent Challenge  I love this idea, and will have to do a good think and give away things others will really want and not just get rid of my own clutter.  I posted a short list on her site in the comments to get me started, and have since added to the list. 

1. Old "gifts" I found cleaning out my laundry room, meant for someone but then forgot(due to my disorganization), bought on clearance, great for family services gift baskets
2. Miscellaneous change from my change cup at work-kept for an emergency chocolate or diet coke from the vending machine.  Others need basics more than I need chocolate and caffeine
3. Plastic storage containers, saved for not sure what, but can be given to others that need  for freezing, or storing holiday treats, and packing for meal services
4.  Several skeins of yarn, bought when I had good intentions of learning to knit-won't happen, quit fooling myself
5. All my points and receipts from the grocery store that does the turkey give aways.  I don't buy enough at one store to ever meet, but our church is collecting them for  purchasing for community meals, open to the public, free or free will donation. (these were actually donated before November 25th so could be used for the thanksgiving turkeys, but I thought of it last week.)

6. Scrap paper, crayons, and other useful, but not being used craft items to a local school or child care center or for the church school program
7. Target $5.00 gift cards, given as a bonus when multiples of certain offers are purchased
8. Good winter boots, for some reason still in our closet, that my older kids outgrew 1/2 a decade ago
9. Christmas decorations purchased but not used
10. Children's books I've held onto, but don't need nearly so many for the times when we have young kids visiting.  They need to be in the hands of a child regularly.
11. Gifts of shower gel, lotions, and other scents, given to me as gifts, but I haven't used. These were lovely gifts, but I am kind of a minimalist, and these might be a nice treat for a young mom or teen for a little pampering.

I have at least 13 more to come up with, 14 if I don't count the November turkey points.  Without trying too hard, I came up with a pretty substantial list so far-evidence I clearly have more than I need, and plenty to share with others. Who else out there is taking the challenge?  What Items are you giving away?

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