Friday, November 28, 2014

The Weekend After Thanksgiving

I had a very lovely Thanksgiving all in all, starting Wednesday night learning my kids who recently moved out west and have been living in in some precarious short term housing, have found and had application accepted for a sweet apartment in their desired area, and they can move in today. They're going to be roomies, with a couple friends of my son's.  DD#1's angst seems to have dissipated a bit, and she wants to give the move a good year before making any permanent decision. 

We started our day with an annual charity run/walk.  It was lower turnout because temperature at the start of the race was 1 degree; yes you read correctly,1 degree. Pup still did well, though I held him most of the pre-walk time so his little paws wouldn't get too cold. We've tried the little boot things, but he's not having them. DD#2 ran the full 8K where I and my niece just did the 2K family walk.  DD#2 has become a better runner, but she was disappointed in her time. For being only 13, new to this type of run, and running a distance twice as far as her cross country meets, in the bitter cold, with icy patches all over, I think she rocked it! Hubby lingered around with the other spectators, possibly dodging into one of the bar and grill's that opened early  and just for the duration of the run, to serve coffee and hot chocolate drinks.  I hope the run raised the money they were hoping for. Historically this run generates between 1/4 and 1/ 3 of the annual operating budget of our town's family services agency, and last year topped $100,000.  Hunger and homelessness abound  even in a Lake Wobegon community like ours.
Love DD#1's Yoda hat, stolen from her sister, but kept her little ears toasty.
We had two family gatherings.  We spent noon lunch with DH's family, and I brought two delicious sides of a roasted yam and carrot dish and a broccoli salad.  I made up the vegetable one, but the broccoli was a standard recipe all over the internet, modified a bit, as usual, by me based on my own preferences.  Later, we joined my extended family, who had a 2:00 lunch, along with other split shifters that either worked earlier in the day, or who were trying to fit in more than one family stop.  I brought a taco dip and some chips to add to the leftover sandwich making spread for those sticking around a while. It was a hit, and polished off quite quickly.  I'll post the recipes separately and also link on my recipe page.

Well that was more of a recap than I had intended.  I still have three days of my five day weekend left.  I am going to organize my lists and calendar this morning-preparing for  Christmas celebrations, so that I can enjoy without any pressure put on myself. Today will be spent with some more housekeeping things, and perhaps popping into a store or two once the crazy shoppers are done trying to get that extra 25% off.  DD#2 wants to do this, but we won't be out long. I'm liking the idea of more internet shopping, and taking advantage of delivery specials this weekend. My gift list is lower this year-more combined gifts with my DH's siblings for my in-laws on useful things, and more streamlined for others.  Tomorrow will be decorating the tree and house, and Sunday a start on my baking and candy making.  I'm trying Rosettes this year, in honor of my Norwegian heritage, and with a recipe my mother's cousin in Norway sent me. Advent starts Monday, so that will be day one of my advent challenge, starting with my change from my loose change cup being put in a kettle.  I'll add to the donations as the month goes on. 

Another Thanksgiving is done.  The holidays have still not normed since losing my mom four  years ago right at Thanksgiving, my dad two years ago, and then my sister last November. My siblings and I are trying to  keep our extended family connected, and realize it will be harder as the years go by, and nieces, nephews, and our own children start and add to their own families.  I'm grateful for my sisters who are willing to host big family events that could have as few as 30 or as many as 70, often without a lot of notice as to the final count.  I appreciate my DH's family, who I have long had an awkward relationship with, but do not want that interfering with my own children building their bonds. They get that we are trying to spend time with both families, and were gracious in us having an early departure. Here's wishing you all have a joyous start to the holiday season.

Pup is ready to raise some money!

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