Monday, December 7, 2015

Dirty Dishes..Hopefully Not a Sign of the Week Ahead

I never intended this blog to be a crab fast, but I am cranky this morning.  Yesterday was a tough day physically, and to top it off, ended my night early in bed with a banger of a head ache that is not completely gone this a.m. I did though get meals of sorts made yesterday, some laundry, shopping, and assorted other must haves done.  What remained was the last of the supper dishes, and to run the dishwasher. I was whining a little bit about just wanting to go to bed when DH said he would clean up the kitchen.  Well he did, sort of.  Most of the non dishwasher items were left drying in the second sink, but one pan was left soaking.  The dishwasher, with every dirty cup, bowl, and besides a few salad plates, all my plates dirty inside it, was not run.  I had made a lovely salad yesterday, with intent that I would bring a portion for lunch, but I had no take along containers to do so clean. 

I'm sure there was good intentions, and he just left the room, and never went back in after leaving the pan to soak. I've done that myself. I just really hate to start my mornings, particularly a Monday morning, with a disordered start.  I am not overly superstitious, but I do tend to believe how something starts can be a  preview of what is to come, or at least a preview that will power will need to be in full gear to get out of the funk.  All is not unwell though.  I did find a clean Christmas mug, ready to hold some brew.  I'll need a couple this morning. 


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with your, "or at least a preview that will power will need to be in full gear..." Rough starts seem to be a sign of that to me as well. We've in a similar situation here. We have a busy week ahead and my husband who sometimes gets debilitation migraines got two this weekend (he NEVER gets them back to back) so it was a very rough weekend and horrible start to the new week for all of us. Darn head aches, right!

    I'm glad you had a clean Christmas mug!
    That's a sign for sure.

    1. That mug, and having paper napkins to put toast on in lieu of plates made the morning bearable. Simple blessings. I hope your husband is better and finds relief.


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