Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What Can't You Make with Pillsbury Dough?

Facebook and YouTube are blowing up with images of deliciously tempting treats right now.  Based on the myriad of videos, I've determined any holiday host just needs to load up their refrigerator with an assortment of crescent rolls, pizza dough, and sugar cookie dough and keep anyone visiting their home smiling. Have a hankering for something savory? Ham and cheese pretzel pin wheels with mustard dipping sauce will hit the spot. Have a sweet tooth, but want a little healthy goodness to go along with it?  Spread the sugar cookie dough out on a pizza pan, top with cream cheese blended with powdered sugar and top with sliced fruit for an instant fruit desert. I love the holidays, but am feeling super unambitious this year.  I've been clicking link after link, and getting my Pillsbury fix on one video at a time.     I'm not endorsing Pillsbury specifically-generic or store brand dough will do just as well. Anyone have a great combo to share?


  1. Hello Sam! :) Oh this season is so calling for something cozy made with dough, isn't it? I've just made a semolina cake with berries and nuts - my family loves it. I can share it on my blog some time. Good to be here again, and thank you for warm greetings! :)

    1. That sounds lovely! I like the cheater doughs in a pinch but home made would be much better.


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