Thursday, March 31, 2016

March: It's a Wrap

March came in like a lion, remained a lion, but it looks like it will be green pastures as we head into April. While not a home run of a month, it wasn't bad progress on my mini goals. 

Health-I have not taken a sick day this month, but after my panic attack, I feel pretty strong now, so happy to have had a job that kept my mind busy. What's that they say about picking a job you like and you won't ever work a day in your life?  Not quite my case, but things are pretty good. Weight loss has plateaued but hoping with the extra light and dryer nights, I can increase my walking and jump start some loss.

Organization-That room with the guest ready vibe? It's getting there. It's a room, and before guest arrives on Monday it will have a bed, a dresser, curtains, and will be neat and tidy.  I think I will get flowers and fresh towels before our guest arrives. I thought about buying new bedding, but we have two sets that are perfectly fine,even if a bit teen-college boy like, left from DS's use. 

Money Management-My goal was to stay under $500 for groceries, household, and eating out.  I don't think we made it, but I really tightened up in many areas. I found lower cost alternatives for a few household and personal needs, and used some hacks learned from other bloggers to save in other areas. March was rough though.  Commissions were not great but all expenses remained the same, plus Easter thrown in there. We will stick a small amount towards the tax bill, so have to take out a bit less from savings than the $2,300 we owe. The plus side of that is I was braced to owe $6,000. 

Social Connectedness-We managed a movie night out, got to wine club in March, and we had a wine and cheese gathering with friends and family- family that are friends. A week of not shuttling a kid around helped. I got a a few Wednesday nights out with the volleyball girls and a lunch with my birth friends. I bailed on attending a couple general invites to some old school acquaintances 50th birthday gatherings. I've not stayed in close touch for 30+ years, so seemed odd to join in now, but always nice to be welcomed. 

Advance My Skills-I think I hit exactly 425 posts and surpassed 35,000 page views. My biggest skill I've invested in is learning how to reformat the page backgrounds and create a new look and blog title to launch tomorrow or sometime this weekend if I don't feel ready. I also took on a massive new project at work and am super excited about the tasks and the relationships I will be forging as we move to launch on July 1. 

The third child got to experience a trip of a lifetime to Spain that most kids her age can only dream about. Both older kids  have their health, and for this month, also were in control of their finances. My mother-in-law is back in Minnesota from her snow bird winter in the southwest, and looks well. It had to have been hard some days, her first winter as a widow, but I have a better appreciation for her strength and resilience to carry on with her life, making a new version. For DH and I, while March was uneventful, bills were paid and we managed a little fun ourselves. I can't ask for more than that. 


  1. All we can do is pluck along. I think that you are doing great.
    I'm trying to keep my spending for gas/food/whatever at $200 a week. It would help so much with saving. I'm still not there yet. We went over by $14. But I'm getting closer.
    I am sorry about your panic attacks. You are such a sweet person and don't deserve to go through that with everything else that is going on in your life.

    1. It's interesting how many different ways we all budget. Weekly could be a better option after the mpnthly bills are taken care of. Part of my blog redirection id to put morr emphasis on the time and money equation-save money to eat more free time. Home cooking and organizing are huge in trying to save money so think it could come together.

  2. It sounds as though you are working really hard at all your goals, so congratulations to you. It's hard to have lots of areas to work on at the same time, so I admire your ability to keep track of it all! xx

    1. These were either low hanging fruit or focus areas I really needed to try and tackle for my own sense of well being. In all honesty, I used the blog post to help me focus, and referenced back to the beginning of March frequently.


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