Saturday, March 26, 2016

Vicariously Bargain Hunting with My Daughter

DD#1 is home for the holiday weekend. She had  a check that came for medical pre-tax reimbursement, and a list of things she was hoping to get for her apartment. I tagged along and she hit the jack pot.  First, we went to Gordmans where she eyed up great decor items such as the faux bird cage accessories, wine racks, and trunks/coffee tables. We also were planning a trip to Kohls as Gordmans did not have much of a selection of bedding for her new queen arriving next Saturday. Had she started purchasing retail, she would have spent $29.99 on both the bird cage and wine rack, $17.99 for a two slice, low quality brand toaster, and $79.99 for a wicker trunk for a coffee table. She chose to wait and see what we could find at the Goodwill shop. She hit the jack pot! 

Bird cage-exactly as she wanted $9.99
Wine Rack-Prettier and more impressive than the Gordman's, $9.99
Wicker chest-beat up a bit on the top, but she also found a brand new flat sheet in her color scheme and is planning on covering the top. Chest, 50% off tag, resulting in a $4.50 price, plus $3.99 for the sheet, which she will also make a couple pillowcases/cushion covers, or perhaps use as background for a wall hanging. She'll come up with something as she'll have yards of fabric to play with. 
4 Slice, stainless steel toaster for $9.99. (similar new model at Kohl's was $39.99 on sale.)

Total spend, $41 as she rounded up as a donation. She later spent another $82 on a spluge for her bedding; quilt, shams, and sheet set, and a couple new pillows. Back in Wisconsin, she has two tables waiting to be sanded down and painted as well. We found a very cute dresser that would be precious sanded down and repainted for her spare room/office for the rock bottom price of $7.50, but it was too big for me to take home, and certainly for her even smaller car. Sadly, it will stay for the next person, who will have a great find. 

I am so proud of my girl.  She is making her little apartment a home, little by little, and with much more personality than just buying matchy matchy everything, designed and coordinated by someone else. I'm going to ask her to take pictures of the finished items, and her place once all pulled together. My rewards for teaching her better than I learned myself how to thrift. 


  1. Well, hell I'm proud of her too. I love when our kids take after us. Well, I'm glad when Anna takes after the good parts of me. LOL

    1. She also filled a wine box to fill said wine rack. I taught her that part well.

  2. on the topic of bargain hunting, you might be able to save yourself some time in future by joining the facebook group that now has over 300,000 parents all searching for and then sharing bargains.. more info on their site

    1. Great idea. I do follow a local Facebook on-line buy/sell.


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