Monday, May 23, 2016

Taking Advantage of Freebies-Especially Those Not Really Free

I'm a member of our Green Team at the office. I joined partially becasue at the time, I was the newest member of our division and we did not have a representative, and the other part because I do care about green issues. In most cases, green also can be part of  living more frugally. And for those times when it costs more to be green, saving in other areas helps round out the increased spending. Last month our committee hosted an agency wide Earth Day event with games and prizes.  To of the prizes were for Energy Efficiency kits from a local natural gas company. Here are the contents:

Low flow showerhead (1.5 gpm, chrome), includes Teflon pipe wrap
Low flow kitchen swivel faucet aerator (1.5 gpm)
Low flow bathroom faucet aerator (1.5 gm)
Rope caulk (gray) – 90 ft.
High-performance EDPM weatherstrip (brown)
Insulating window film (3-pack)
​Outlet/switchplate foam gasket covers (24-pack)
Water heater temperature gauge card
Energy efficiency educational materials

Interestingly enough, the company provides a free kit to each customer household, and that includes mine. I thought it was silly to not order as one. Our house could use a good energy efficiency overhaul. I know we have energy sucks throughout the house. Also, for us, this isn't really a free kit as I'm sure the costs are in our bill somewhere. 

Sonya Ann at A Mom, Money, and More does a weekly Making It and Saving Sunday post. this weeks she links to The Penny Hoarder's freebie section. Like Sonya Ann, I like a good freebie, but also like her, I don't want free jut to have it around. It needs to be stuff I use, or a sample of what I might want to try before actually buying.A few of the good things I have gotten are thee bag sample of Twinings tea, 60 count gummy vitamins, four pack of Green Mountain K Cups, and sample size Loreal night cream.  I try and participate in the rare continental breakfast or lunch and learn seminar our building management company offers. I figure these costs are included in the rent the agency pays, and agency expenses impact where other spending, like  my paycheck, can go. 

Things I have passed on include a set of recipe cards as I wing my cooking most of the time, use my trusted cookbooks, or look it up on the internet. I've passed up on cat and baby supplies-I have neither and do not want to accept just to pass on to someone else. I rarely, if ever, go collect treats at fast food places like a free ice cream cone on certain days. I'm not willing to wait in line for a little treat just becasue it is free while supplies last.  Granted, a few of these freebies were counter green, such as the K-Cups. I admit I struggle with liking the ease and instant gratification of  some products with the knowledge they contribute to garbage and waste. I am a work in progress. What about you? When do you request freebies and samples, and when do you pass? 


  1. I tend to be the same as you. The trouble I have is with TheHub who goes to many corporate events (3-5 day things) where every Tom Dick and Harry is trying to drum up business. They all have swag with their company name printed on it and they pass it out to everyone attending. I give away excess umbrellas, lunch totes and bottle openers after each trip. (Although I will admit he did get a credit card size stainless steel bottle opener that fits in my wallet. I am keeping that one!)

    1. Thats good swag! We took the sunglasses from a baseball event and they see a lot of use.


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