Thursday, June 23, 2016

Best Apples Ever!

I bought six of the most delicious apples anyone has ever put a mouth to. I keep telling myself that and have DD going along with me. We have been lacking in the fresh fruit department. The strawberries and cherry’s have been eaten almost as soon as they are carried in the door, and my standby bags of apples have long been gone. It was another hot night of soccer, and no subs, so DD was pretty spent after her game. On the way home, I stopped for milk as we had let the last in the container go a bit sour, ice cream, per special request-Moose Tracks to be specific, and apples. Of course I noticed the price at $3.99 a pound, but didn’t really translate how few apples it takes to make a pound. These were lovely Honey crisp variety, and so I selected six perfect ones, and off to the check out I went.  In my head I had spent about $12.00 so had a bit of sticker shock when the total exceeded $22. Those 6 apples weighed nearly 4#’s, and rang up at $14.42, $2.40 an apple! Oh well-if you’re going to splurge, splurging on fruit is a pretty good relapse at being a spendthrift. 

My grocery budget of $350 has now been reached for June, a week before the month ends, though I have not yet done my $90 budget shop for the lake weekend. Still, as I counted Memorial Day weekend shop in June, I can count my July 4th weekend shop for July, and might still come in at my $350 grocery level. I would have had a cushion of $3.00, but DH had picked up mint ice cream the night before. Did I mention I live with ice cream fiends?  On the plus side, eggs were the in house MORE rewards special at 49 cents a dozen. I guess I will be making egg salad to bring for sandwiches this weekend-yum! The real test will be keeping DHS out of the grocery store today and next Thursday. He has his odd compulsion with seeing store flyers and thinking he needs to make a grocery run. I could hide his keys, but we live two minutes from the store. I shouldn’t be a scrooge abut ice cream. That’s anti-summer. 


  1. I am so thankful my Hubs has no compulsion to go to the grocery store....EVER! He will only go if I ask him to pick something up adn that is all he buys. yay!
    Now if I could convince him NOT to go to the liquor store where he more than makes up for any savings I get by him not making grocery splurge runs.

    I haven't been much of an apple fan/eater in the last few years. I take that the Fall I crave apple dishes(dumplings/pies/baked/in stuffings/apple butter/sauce/etc.)as well as fresh apples eaten out of hand. I do use applesauce in place of veg. oil in most of my baking, baking I don't do often.

    I love me a fresh Gala apple.

    1. We love apples here-even off season if they are good and crisp-but expensive. I wish he was like other guys-he never goes to the liquor store! He is a one to two beer drinker, sometimes a rum and coke, but would never pretend he knows anything about what to select. If he actually cooked the food he buys, I would be less crabby about his shopping, but so much is what gets wasted, or pushed to the back of the pantry and later donated, or is full of salt.

  2. I am a Honeycrisp fiend! I love them but I have to be very careful buying them or I too will have a 22 buck bag.
    TheHub goes to the grocery store every single day on his way home. Unless he is picking up something I asked him to get I no longer count his purchases in my grocery budget because he buys the most random things and it is almost always something he decided on the spot he wants. I understand groceries are groceries, but his trip there is mainly a stress reducer between work and home, and usually involves craft beer or a mixer of some sort and a single serving dessert from the bakery. It's much cheaper than a psychiatrist and I really do put it in his T and E budget.

    1. That's an idea-not counting what's really just entertainment. But he does some hefty shops. Glad there are other apple lovers-favorite part of fall.


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