Thursday, June 2, 2016

Most Important Things in Life

Thank you all for hearing out (reading out?) my self indulgent whine in yesterdays post. Things just sometimes need to come out and in words and phrases seem to work wonders for me. Onward to Wednesday being a pretty positive day. Work is crazy, but now in my second year heading into the last month of a fiscal year, I've learned this is the norm, and something I can prepare and gear up energy towards. I like what I do, I am good at it, and I get the impression the people I interact with are pretty satisfied with my work as well.  Can't do better than these things in the job front. Feeling content in your place in life is one of the most important things. Striving to earn more money if you are miserable every day, trying to change your personality to something you are not, and cowering to the whims and agenda's of others is soul sucking. 

I can't say I have reached, or ever will reach contentment in full, but last night I had a pretty good taste of what total contentment is like. DD#2 had her final choir concert. The entire concert was terrific with a show choir vibe, but casual t-shirts and blue jeans attire. Freshmen Women started the show, and song number two was kicked off by my daughter's solo to "Come Sail Away." There were audible gasps and whoops after she sang, and not from me. That tiny little thing just belted it out, and didn't miss a note even though the range was higher than her comfort level. I'd like to give you a chance to hear, and maybe if something gets posted on YouTube later I can direct you there, but now I just have a small little candid. We ended with a frozen pizza and buddy cones rather than going out for pizza and ice cream as she still had homework, and darn if I wasn't trying to be frugal. All and all, it was a pretty perfect weekday, and that is what's important.


  1. You daughter is lovely. I hope someone captured it so we can hear it!

  2. There is a CD and DVD so if I can figure out how to clip and post, I will. Perhaps just audio-to keep privacy of other kids, though I suppose it could be googled as will eventually be on You Tube by someone.

  3. Bless you I can imagine how proud you must have felt.


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