Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Breakfast Wednesday-French Toast

Wednesdays are so busy with volleyball, reffing, and show choir, we don't get a chance for anything but a slap and dash supper. I slowed down this morning and made some French Toast for breakfast. My mix is one egg, cinnamon and sugar and about 1/4 cup of milk whisked together. I used 12 grain bread, dipped and soaked on both sides, and it turns out golden, but not too sweet.  A dab of maple syrup, and we are good to go. I get four slices out of this mix. Later we might be scrounging from a vending machine, or eating while standing at the refrigerator, but for this morning, the sweet smell of breakfast is in the air. 



  1. Oh, I can taste and smell this in my mind just by looking at the picture. I wish I had time for breakfast today!

    1. I bet your dinner will be better than the Special K bar i just ate.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm almost always hungry, except in the early morning. This might have been better about 11:00 this morning.

  3. I can't eat sweet stuff for breakfast for some reason it has to be savoury. Sweet stuff later no problem but first meal has to be savoury even if it's a brunch type meal. I will try your cinnamon toast though but in the afternoon with a cupa lol.

  4. I'm usually more peanut butter than syrup too but some times this hits the spot.


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