Saturday, April 15, 2017

Good and Hearty Easter Brunch

My sister, the youngest of the oldest (Number 5 of 10) is hosting Easter brunch. Maybe this little guy will make an appearance. She and her husband built a one level rambler with a huge lower level basement that they can set up lots of tables and have room for the masses. Both she and her husband suffer from back and neck issues, so having all their living, with the exception of holiday expansion, on one level is so much better for them than their former multi level house; peace of mind for all of us. Our family has always been a "roll up your shirt sleeves, all hands on deck" kind of party throwers, and we are traditionalists with our food. We'll have the same basic menu, maybe throw in a newbie recipe or two along the way, but for the most part, stick with favorites. I'm on fruit detail this year. As I've said before, getting an actual count is always hard, so I'm planning for 60.

The Annual T Family Easter Brunch Menu

Egg bake-with Sausage (at least three- cake pan size)
Egg Bake-Vegetables (only 1-this is a meat crew)
Scrambled Eggs (Dozens)
Sliced ham
Cheesy Hash brown potatoes (A bit of a competition, in fun, with two different recipes)
Deviled Eggs (My sister B's specialty)
Cinnamon Rolls (My sister C's specialty)
Hot Cross buns (From our town bakery) 
Assorted Quick breads
Fruit and fruit dip (My contribution this year)
Assorted Juices

My side of the family likes having brunch, as opposed to a dinner, served buffet style. It works better for large extended families when people stay for three hours or thirty minutes, and if they have to eat another meal some where else in the day. My sister M organizers an egg hunt for the kids. It's very relaxed, and for the most part, the festivities are done by mid afternoon, giving individual families time to spend with their own families, visit the in-law side, or sometimes on the rainy days, go see an afternoon movie. Our plans usually includes a walk, rain or shine. 

I'm thankful I have siblings with room and desire to host anyone and everyone that wants to come. Despite the large numbers, I am always less anxiety filled in my family than with DH's. (Some might remember my awful Beating of Drums post from the Easter two years ago that put me in melt down mode for days.) In my family, I think it is the mix of tradition with things like food and egg hunts, but without any expectations. However, as I wrote about last year in my post, because the family has just gotten so large, it might be  Time to Switch Up Holiday traditions.

If you have Easter plans, please feel free to share n the comments.  Do you have any special or traditional foods your family enjoys that might be unlike other menus?


  1. You are probably more comfortable with your family because it is yours, familiar and you know all the "rules". I always liked being with my family better than TheHubs because my family laughs a lot and TheHubs family was much more serious. But I am sure a large part of it was I just felt more at home with my side of the family.
    We have no Easter traditions other than Mom buying everyone a chocolate bunny. Other than that everything else is fluid.

    1. I'm sure that's the biggest reason I prefer and I've passed it to my kids. Mostly, there's no expectations. Cadbury caramel eggs are the newest tradition of not an oxymoron.

  2. Well I only have 1 sibling left(and his wife)and they never travel to PA so unless we go down there. Hubs has a brother in SC(who doesn't travel)and sister in IL(who can't afford to travel)and the brother here in town and his son. The brother in town never hosts, ever.
    So it will be the three of us at home, the brother in-law and nephew. Both Daughter and nephew are working tomorrow morning so it will be a late afternoon shindig. It's very low key this year as I am NOT making rolls(I bought some)but I will make a new-to-us dessert and the traditional deviled eggs.
    Have a good day and spend it with whom you want!

    1. Deviled eggs show up on most tables. I bought frozen pizza for dinner tonight. Yes, spending where we want but I made ripples, but not really waves so sells good.

  3. that sounds like a splendid menu, indeed.
    I am always curious to hear/know about other's Easter plans.

    1. I need to pop over and read yours. Soon it's time to go prep my fruit.


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