Friday, May 27, 2022

Friday Free for All- Summer!

      This weekend is the unofficial start to summer and apparently Mother Nature is in agreement at least in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. 70's today to high 80s Monday. My daughter and I are going to the lake later this morning. We have a lot of com Ng and going but I'm bringing some beach reads and stuff for a cocktail or two. Well work, but also for me, unplug a bit. There may or may not be a Saturday or Sunday post. So where is my mind at today? 

We know how ya feel, baby Yoda.

On Figuring Things Out 

     My daughter's and I all seem to be having "some period" in life crisis's. You all know I don't know what the heck is best for my end of career timing. You also know my older daughter is house hunting, but also examining her career goals and aspirations. The youngest is just confused what she actually wants to do after college. She did just land a very part time job for the summer so that's exciting, and waiting to hear on another two.

      She said she just doesn't want to have to work in an office right away after college. She's not ruled out grad school. We're a fine trio. But, I am almost looking forward to the weeks ahead having girls dinner, pondering life, and helping each other sort our shit out. Congratulations to Lorraine at Clamco on her retirement. She doesn't seem to be looking back at all!

On Killing Time and Chat's

     I hate being at home if we have a service call. DH got the pontoon taken care of in the morning at the lake, but then had a plumber yesterday afternoon. ( More on that to come in another post. I guess I will be getting more work done on bathroom than just a spruce up.) I  took some vacation hours and went to the river with a book and a diet coke. Not a bad way to kill a few hours. 

      I called into a full staff conference call that I just needed to listen to. The guy presenting kept asking people that had joined by MS Teams to stay off the chat as it kept popping up and distracting him. I bet he asked four times in the first 15 minutes. Really, people have so much to say they can't just shhh for a few minutes? I couldn't see as I was just on the phone, but of the at least hundred people on the meeting, I bet I could narrow it down to 6 who were the chat abusers. 

Weekend Food Easy

     I'm keeping it simple for the weekend. We'll just pass by Aldi on our way up to grab what I think we'd like to contribute for meals and snacks. With shelves being hit or miss, I'm prepared to be flexible. I'm making while my daughter is still in bed  Rice Krispy bars and another ham, cheese, and pea salad. I've got stuff for crockpot baked beans. I'll grab veggies and dip, fruit, meat of some sort, buns or bread, and chips. I'm bringing the packets of oatmeal and boxes of Mac and cheese my daughter brought home from school. I need to grab coffee and filters too. These will just be there for anyone to use. 

      I'll get beverages that we'll just keep in our room and stock the fridge periodically. While we tend to eat group meals, generally each family provides their own beverages as preferances vary. These will just be there for anyone to use. And, we'll do a liquor store stop.  It can get chaotic there, but I'm determined to not overthink food prep when we're supposed to be enjoying ourselves once the annual work list is done.

     That's what I got. How are you depending your weekend? Is it a Bank Holiday weekend outside the USA? Feel free to share whatever's on your mind.


  1. Jre I’m adding this a little late to your comment on the UK Law and Order but my daughter and I just watched on Netflix (I think ha!) Anatomy of a Scandal set in London and very about the UK legal system about government officials and a rape scandal. OMG! So good!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful trip! Today is the only time I have thought about our lake place and would like to miss it, but if we still had it we would go down for an extra long work weekend.

  3. I believe the end of the week is the Jubilee in the UK (Thursday/Friday), so it's a short week for those who have overlapping schedules.

    It's a relatively quiet week for us, which I'm pretty grateful for. M & I are going out to dinner on Saturday (a rarity), I'm attending a fitness class with a friend on Sunday, and tomorrow I may take Sam & a friend bowling & to lunch.

  4. Tommy and I got so much cooked today that cooking won't be so tiring this weekend. He cleaned the kitchen two or three times! I am excited to go to the market tomorrow. I have low

  5. Have a lovely time away with the girls. I hear you on not liking to be at home when there's workmen about - we had a new boiler installed on Wednesday and despite it being unseasonably cold, I spent the day pottering around the garden, slowly turning blue! We've got a long bank holiday weekend starting on Thursday to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. xxx

  6. I read these in reverse and know you will have a good time.


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