Saturday, November 26, 2022

Sunny Days- My Week in W's

     Good morning. I'm very touched at all the birthday wishes. Thank you so much.  Our weather is excellent for November. While no color, it's been sunny and bright and that makes a world of difference.Christmas lights will be up everywhere now. This brings me to the end of my blog week and a summary in W's. 

What's Top of Mind:
       I can't help be sad about the latest rounds of murders in the US. So much hate. I don't understand how anyone can think the way these hate filled people do. 
Where I've been:
  Thanksgiving gatherings and a bit of grocery shopping. DD1 and I took pup to his first night of training. He needs to get used to being around other dogs besides pup. DH and I went out for lunch and that was my supper too. I played Bingo with family last night and we had several winners, though not me. 

 Where I’m going: 
    We have another family thing tonight for fall birthdays. I know, how many times can one celebrate them? I plan to go to church tomorrow and then back to work, but no in person days. 

What I'm eating:
     Too much! Actually, I managed fairly well not to overeat and the richness usually limits me to just one meal. I'm happy to report another pound loss. I'd like to drop another 5 by the New Year, but if I maintain, that will feel like success. 
What I’m watching:
      DD1 and I watched Nothing like the Holidays Wednesday night. I had the Macy's parade on while making vegetables. I've watched a bit of YouTube. I'm still watching the last Doc Martin series, and still have the finals of the Great British Baking Show, so no spoilers please. 

What I’m reading:

    I've got a few books ready to read, but haven't been doing so. New Year's resolution? Read more than just the book club picks. 

What I’m listening to:

     The puppy is chomping on a toy and the coffee maker is doing it's thing. Otherwise, it's quiet. DD stayed here with all the coming and going and helping me, it saves her an hour of driving and moving the dog back and forth. 

 What I’m planning: 

More Christmas decorating. We need to get the porch lights out yesterday with wreath and greenery. I decided the tree should be fine in the living room despite the young dog as he's been pretty good about staying out of there. I'll do my table nice too.

Who needs a good slap:

    Anyone who is rude to store or restaurant workers or fellow customers this weekend. No sale prices are worth anger. Every year there's ridiculous over the top reactions to 1st world problems stemming from greed or self importance.  

Who Deserves Knuck's (Fist Bump):   

       My SIL and BIL on DHs side for hosting a very nice Thanksgiving gathering. They invited a family that had a recent tragedy, reminiscent to DH's own family after his sister's accident and death. 

What’s making me smile:

        My neighbor across the street for her pretty lights and trees on her porch. They are classic and so festive without being over whelming.  Her house makes me smile in the early darkness. 

     That's what I got this week. Play along with the W's in your life this week. 


  1. It sounds like you had a nice Birthday and holiday weekend so far. We've had warmer temps and a lot of sunshine also which is always welcome.

    1. We may have hit 50 yesterday for a time. Snow comes Tuesday though.

  2. That's one of the joys of having a large family - all those gatherings right? But I guess the down side is not being able to button your pants for a week. Still, I'll take it. Glad you had a lovely time!

    1. Yes, and then all the leftovers filled with more carbs and richness.

  3. We keep our Christmas decorations really simple (a tree, and some mantel decorations), as we don't spend Christmas here. We put them up yesterday, and I do love the beautiful lights in the morning.

    We've been watching the World Cup, and it's been fun to have on. The US/England game was quite interesting, as England was expected to dominate, and our quite young team held them to a tie.

    1. We had some good chances too. I think if I saw right, the UD had more shots on goal.

  4. I always think if you don’t GAIN weight during the holiday period it’s a win because it’s sooo hard to do.
    If I had more restraint I’d be slimmer but not as happy. Megan.

    1. I need to make sure I keep exercising and walking and not get sucked into endless tv or streaming.

  5. Reading more is a commendable goal. I accomplished this one by making sure at every day's end I have read something not nothing.


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