Thursday, January 7, 2016

Life Lists for the New Year

These are not resolutions.  Nor are these goals.  I'm just going to call this a life list for 2016. Back some time ago I did a post on a Must List for  Minimalism. In hindsight, it was an overwhelming list that I have not done an assessment for success and failure. The concept was good-create concrete statements of what you will accomplish in order to maximize the reality that it will be achieved.The categories, health, organization, money management, social connectedness, and advancing my skills weren't bad either. As in most things I've not achieved, the detail was in the execution. Must is not a great word for my vocabulary. Tomorrow I may pull up the list and  assess.

The "experts" say goals must be smart, as in Specific, Measurable, Attainable,  Realistic, and Timely. I might come up with mini goals within the categories below, that will fit this acronym. For now, the broad life list will do to get me from January 1 to December 31 no worse for wear, and maybe a dash improved. 

Health-Eat less crap; move more. Take a sick day if I need one. Smell the flowers.

Organization-Avoid being a case scenario for Hoarders 101. Work my closets.

Money Management-Spend less than we earn. Give generously. Invest wisely.

Social connectedness-Do more with other humans outside of my immediate family. Don't start or play into any feuds.

Advance my skills-Improve my use of the English language and grammar rules for 2016. Write just because I like writing. 

It's January 7th, so in my book, the calendar is completely turned to a new page. December and all of 2015 is done and dusted, a mere memory. I've got 51 more weeks to create new ones, adding or crossing off items on my life list as needed.


  1. Lovely aims that are pretty similar to my own x

    1. Unravelling complexity could be on the list. These feel honest and simple.

  2. Good luck with all your goals - I could do with a similar health one. Jx


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