Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Must List-To the Trash and a New Start

In mid July, I made some pretty ambitious declarations of how I must do certain things if I was going to make progress, let alone achieve success in various areas of my life. If your curious to the old post, here it is. On Friday I thought perhaps I should go through that list and assess what I did to embrace as "musts" and where reality kicked me back to earth. It doesn't take more than a glance to see where I faltered-health, organization and social connectedness. I think "must' does not work for me, so after an assessment, this list can be in the trash bin, and I can move on. 

1.  Must walk pup every morning before going to work. He did get out to piddle and sniff for rabbits, but no walk each morning.
2.  Must pack lunch that includes fruit and vegetable daily. Moderately successful-when I actually packed a lunch.  I eat out very little, unless as part of a work meeting, or special planned ahead occasion.  I still relied on my drawer of instant soups and tuna salad kits-good for money savings, not good for heart. 
3.  Must do core and strengthening exercises 4 days per week. Not so much-perhaps 2 days.
4.   Must fill and drink my water bottle twice at work (this is an easy one) and drink equivalent amount of water at home (not an easy one) One I can cross off, and keep doing. 

 5.  Must tackle part or all of a room a night for decluttering. Fail on so many levels
6.  Must stay on top of daily household tasks-dishes, laundry, bathroom Work in progress

Time Management
7.  Must limit TV/Netflix/YouTube (unless for research) to not more than 2 hours per day (this is probably still excessive) Not counting weekend binges that were planned as part of my unwind, I've gotten better at the nightly viewing. 
8.  Must read 3 times per week for fun  While I'm not getting books read again, I am reading articles in magazines, short stories, and Internet stories that are for personal interest.

Money Management
9.  Must set up E-Bay and  Pay-Pal account (why not try and make some money when I declutter) Accounts set up but nothing done with them.

Social Connectedness
 10. Must meet a friend at least one time per week. This has been more like two times per month. While I've seen people because of holiday and birthday get togethers, I've not connected with some really good friends on a regular basis, and am disappointed in that. 
 11. Must schedule planned extended family time on both sides of family monthly I did well here.  Busy 6 months with family-perhaps too much family at times.

Advancing my skills/growth
 12. Must blog at least 4 times per week Perhaps my readers wish I would take a break.
 13.  Must continue the Writers Closet monthly short story I did each of the five posted, and yeah, Natalia at In the Writers Closet is starting it again for January and I am in. 
 14.  Must research and work on my book 10 hours minimally per week. Have you seen my book?  Neither have I.  It is coming along in dribs and drabs.  Did not meet September 1 for first draft for editing, nor my second date of November 25th.  Shall I say February 29th?  Leap year seems like a good year to launch a book. 
 15.  Must keep building my business brand (new venture) and web platform I am puttering away at this and even attended a bloggers conference in November.

My final word on this is to tell myself, I must not do anything.  If I should want to, best to put full energy into it and do it wisely.


  1. I'm afraid all of those "musts" would shut me right down - I'd literally be frozen with inaction! But that's just me :) When I get up in the morning I make my daily to-do list. Usually 6-8 items and includes things like "read", "carve", call a friend, , clean the toilets, plan dinner, more reading :) ...I find that more manageable than having such a complex and long list. I suppose that somewhere in the back of my head there is a "master plan" guiding me but I don't worry about it too much.

    1. I was trying to follow a 21 days to minmalism path. Creatibg a must list was one of the steps. I ended up using their path more as a siggestion. Yes-it was too much.

  2. I make a list of things that I would like to do and then work at it. But I don't make myself crazy just like my dieting. If I stress myself out, I fail. Live life, get done what you can and let the rest go or try and accomplish it while drinking. Yes, that;s my motto.

    1. Making myself crazy seems to be a pattern with me. I'm trying to leave that behind me. I am for just living lufe as it comes this year-perhaps.


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