Saturday, December 3, 2022

My Week in W's: Winter is Here

      Good morning. Sorry for my strong language yesterday describing a coworker of DH's. I really struggled for words to put to the type of person that proclaims, "I'm going to get a few people fired" then proceeds to pick fights to try and draw reactions, intentionally throwing gas when he gets the spark, as just a sample of his behavior. I landed on the words that best fit, but apologies if offended. It's a cold one- highs only 9° today with bitter wind chills, so my day might change from plans. Other life stuff is captured in my weekly W's. 

What's Top of Mind:
     DH really is. He came home yesterday chilled, ankle sore again, but also complaining the top of his foot was bothering him. I've noticed a few other signs that the stubborn man needs a head to toe check up to rule out a host of possible ailments contributing to his lack of well being. I don't know why he's so stubborn, but I'll need to sick his kids on him again. 
Where I've been:
      I left him with hot tea, though learned he eventually did eat a couple tortillas with cheese. I went to a Christmas on the Prairie concert featuring the band from a Prairie Home Companion and other Twin City musical icons. It was phenomenal. It was held at our local art center, where DD2 took violin for years, owned by my book club leader and friend. They served dessert and drinks, donation only, at intermission. It was a wonderful way to kick-off December. 

 Where I’m going: 
     Plans may change due to the wind-chill, but I'm supposed to go to an outdoor European style Christmas market with my mom friends group. We'll do something together if we don't want to brave drive or temperatures. A two hour lingering brunch sounds good. Next weekend planning to see the pioneer village Christmas set up with sisters. 

What I'm eating:
    I'm done serving leftovers except for maybe lunch. We made tacos on Thursday, but I froze half the batch for a future meal. They were tasty. I had a cheese sauce found somewhere that I heated up and it gave them a kick. 

What I’m watching:
      I've started Game of Thrones. It'll take me a long while but no doubt there'll be bingeing come January. I'm both invested and not in characters, but I hear that's good as no one is immune from a sword or worse. 

What I’m reading:

    Shame on me. I'm not reading anything right now, but perhaps links to full news articles. 

What I’m listening to:

    DH just got up and says he feels 100% better. Pup is moving positions but not ready to get going. I think he misses the grandpup, or at least wonders why he's not here. I've not heard any plows or sand trucks yet. 

 What I’m planning: 

     Tomorrow will be a good day to finish anything Christmas related house wise I intend or let it go. My daughter will come for the Vikings game and puppy will stay Sunday night. She and I might get some treat making done, and maybe start some wrapping. I have to go into the office Monday for  a 9:30-12:30 meeting. It'll mean the puppy in his kennel a bit longer than he's been, but he's been known to sleep four hours at a stretch. 

Who needs a good slap:

    People who drive big trucks so think they are invincible on the road in bad weather. It was snowy, blowing, and getting cold last night. I stopped for bread and eggs on my way home from dropping off my friend and her sister-in-law after the concert. Twice I saw near misses with back ends of trucks swerving because they were going too fast, and another car nearly swiped. One car  ended up having to swerve themselves and ended up backwards. You can be sure I kept my distance from other cars the best I could. 

Who Deserves Knuck's (Fist Bump):   

       My friend who had the extra ticket and offered it to me, though I insisted on paying for it. I really needed it. The rest of the group were members of her family I knew. I took her 84 year old aunt's ticket, who was worried about the weather so didn't want to go out. It was a good evening. 

What’s making me smile:

    The grandpup decked out in his winter gear. We may try booties but I've  read mixed verdict on them for safety and slipping particularly when they are quick dogs.  For now, we try and limit the length of time outside, but give more sniffy opportunities/ short walks. Isn't he dapper though? Pup comes with his own thick coat and he'd never tolerate getting a coat on, but I have used a human sweatshirt draped and tied on bitter days. 

     That's my W thoughts this week.  Play along with the W's in your life this week. 


  1. I loved Prairie Home Companion! Cindy in the South

  2. I hate people who act like that, seriously, what is wrong with them? I’ve had a pretty quiet week. Visited with my sister in law and the baby on Wednesday. Hubby and I thought about doing something Christmasy last night but ultimately decided to get dinner and go to the pet store and then have a few drinks at home. I was in bed before 11:00. Knucks to me for making some progress cleaning upstairs. I have a full bag for goodwill and threw out a couple of other things. I saw my son also has a bag of clothes to drop off so I’ll try to get there this week. What I’m looking forward to-picking up my girl on Friday and bringing her home for over a month :) Who needs slapped? Corporate who has been killing us with sign changes, markdowns, lack of product, promos, extended hours, just in general craziness, some of which you wouldn’t even believe if I told you. Everyone is sick or has been, except me, idk how I’m still standing and we’ve had a ton of call offs when we don’t have a strong staff to begin with. Short a manager, someone on maternity leave, can’t work overtime…today is going to be a zoo and I only have two closers with me. I’m also in the middle of a seven day stretch and working a nine hour day. So if anyone is shopping today, be kind to retail workers, please do not trash the stores, and stay home if you are sick. JoAnn

    1. We were very kind! I so appreciate the work done in retail this time of year especially. Your schedule sounds exhausting and short staffed is brutal.

  3. Don't apologize for your language (well certainly not on account of me, I hope). The English language is supposed to be colourful. I mean, if you'd said that boss was "a bothersome chappie" - well it just wouldn't have the right ring to it, would it. And your husband doesn't want to get checked out by a doctor because he's a man!!! Gosh, if they had to go through what we go through they'd have something to moan about wouldn't they. Glad he's feeling better though!

    1. I'm tired of hearing how ridiculous this guy's words and actions are. He throws around that his kids go to private school and basically says our local schools are subpar, just churning out country bumpkins who can barely read. DH is really bothering me with his fight against a doctor. I've bluntly said what my concerns are, and he danced around the issue.

  4. Hello Sam, yesterday's post made me smile, you swear like a Brit! I hope your husband listens and books himself in for a check-up and that you don't get as addicted to GoT as my brother did - he ended up travelling to every one of the filming locations, falling out with a girlfriend along the way. The puppy looks so sweet in his winter coat. I'm playing along today...
    What's Top of Mind: World Cup football, 45 minutes till kick off.
    Where I've been: Charity shops, Spoons, swimming and the corner shop for rum
    Where I’m going: Spain!
    What I'm eating: I had mushrooms and poached eggs on a slice of wholemeal toast for breakfast, I think Jon's making pizza for tea (no lunch on a Saturday)
    What I’m watching: World Cup football!
    What I’m reading: A gothic novel, The Binding by Bridget Collins and also leafing through Gardens of Delight, a coffee table book about the world's greatest Islamic gardens.
    What I’m listening to: BBC's pre-match coverage with Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer.
    What I’m planning: Andalucian adventures.
    Who needs a good slap: I wouldn't want to waste my energy.
    Who Deserves Knuck's (Fist Bump): Jon for doing my accounts.
    What’s making me smile: Football and travel. xxx

    1. I can swear pretty fierce when I'm riled up. Our guys are now out of World Cup, so I imagine attention will diminish here and American football will rule the tubes again. My daughter is in Seville having all kinds of Andulucian adventures.

  5. Wow, your husbands workmate sounds like a truly awful man.
    That’s a very cute dog looking fine in his coat. Megan.

    1. Arrogant, for sure. Why you'd want people to lose their job, even if they weren't doing the best, is cruel.

  6. Like Vix, I'm watching a lot of soccer, & have enjoyed all of the work conversations about the World Cup. We have a very international team, so most of the people I work with is from a different country, & we've been starting all of our meetings with World Cup chatter, which I've enjoyed.

    1. I have a few huge soccer fans at work too. I like to enjoy sports spread out over time but admittedly with US gone, I've less interest now.

  7. Glad to hear you had such a good time last night. It's those types of activities that really put me in a Christmas spirit. We have several on the books for the next few weeks and I'm excited.
    Hope you're DH is feeling better. His coworker sounds like a real jerk. I will never understand people like that. Enjoy your Saturday.

    1. I needed something to put me in a brighter holiday mood. The concert and a day with friends was good for me. Now, I need DH to follow-up on my pleas for a physical well-being check-up.

  8. What a good looking pooch in its parka.


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